Prankster Grig


This tiny grig (a cricket / female human centauroid) lives in the Greenbelt. She is talkative and reasonably friendly, though also something of a prankster. She can normally be found in the company of her friend, a faerie dragon named Perlivash. She refers to anyone larger than her own tiny size as a ‘biggie,’ and makes no apparent distinction between the various biggie races.

Tyg does not like, and might fear, Fangberries. She was able to confirm Kressle’s camp is still in roughly the same location it was when the players first encountered her. She also gave the locations of an old Temple of Erastil, and some hot ponds (which she recommended the players use as baths.)

Tyg likes trading gifts, but there are a few rules she follows. She will not be ‘in debt’ on gifts, and will insist on giving a gift back if she is given one, she might get upset if she’s given too many gifts, and can’t reciprocate. She does not consider multiples of the same items to be different gifts, or even gifts at all. Each gift given should be unique to count as a gift.


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