Crazy Alchemist


Current Stock

good until 28 Sarenrith

  • Potion of healing (3) – 50 gp
  • Elixir of Reflexes (1) – 125 gp
  • Alchemist’s Fire (2) – 20 gp
  • Antivenom (6) – 20 gp
  • Flamebane Bomb (1) – 30 gp

Bokken is an old man who lives inside the Greenbelt. He is a bit crazy, and his conversation wanders appropriately. He will often complain, out loud, about his brother, but becomes immediately suspicious of anyone else who ever mentions his brother. He is an alchemist, and usually has some potions on hand, though it’s never certain what he’ll have in stock. He’s willing to make potions to demand, but given his mental state, there’s always a chance he’ll forget, or make something else.

He will only take payment in gold.

Bokken has asked the party to find Fangberries.


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